Now generally available in Netlify UI: The Command Palette

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I’d like to give a warm welcome the newest graduate of :test_tube: Netlify Labs: Command Palette! :art:

Command Palette has studied many courses while attending Netlify Labs, ranging from Intro to Site Settings all the way to Advanced Philosophy of Serverless Functions. For their capstone project, CP prepared a cheat-sheet of useful commands to help you navigate anywhere in the Netlify UI at the speed of type.

Select the magnifying glass icon in the nav to get started. You’ll see a list of commands that are contextual to your location in the UI. Start searching for one of your sites or teams, or dive deep into a nested configuration setting – it’s all a few keystrokes away.

Ace your test by defining a custom keyboard shortcut to toggle the Command Palette open and closed.

Got any feedback, or ideas for a new command? Just type in “feedback” to share your thoughts with us, your favorite study buddy.

That’s all for now – :pencil2: pencils down! Try it out and let us know what you think. We’ll see you at the graduation party :partying_face: