Introducing Netlify Tips and Tricks!

Have you always wondered how edit your Site’s domain? Have you wondered how to modify your command panel? Have you ever stayed up awake, wondering how to automate your environment variable imports?

Today, we are excited to announce a new way to explore various features of Netlify. With Netlify tips and tricks you get small, digestible tidbits of information to help transform your Netlify Experience.

When browsing the Netlify app, you can now learn about new features already available on your plan such as custom domains, environment variables import, helpful Netlify CLI commands, and much, much more:

Want to learn even more about this feature? The handy links on these tips and tricks will take you where you need on your learning journey, whether it is our docs, or settings.

Not loving it? Feel free to disable “Netlify Tips and Tricks” in Labs. We will offer you a quick link to do so after you dismiss the tips 3 times.

If you have any feedback on Netlify tips and tricks, feel free to share here on the forums or in this short anonymous survey. Happy feature exploring!


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