🎨 Updated Button component in Netlify's app

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Rafa, Principal Designer at Netlify, and I’m pretty excited to let you know about a pretty small, yet important change in our app’s User Interface:

Yesterday we dramatically simplified the look of our button and dropdown components, eliminating a lot of complexity in the number of variants that we were previously using.

This is one more step in simplifying a lot of the UI blocks in our app, to accommodate bigger structural changes in the future — so stay tuned for more improvements in the area soon :sparkles:


Fellow designer here :wave:

Appreciate the design updates! I am a fan of that Default button to be honest, and use a similar style for it on my site (I hope you don’t mind).

Look forward for further improvements!

Thanks pal,

Wanna link to your website? I would love to see it :eyes:

My pleasure. Ah the site is https://ajmalafif.com. Toggle to the theme to Light mode :slight_smile: