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I deployed a build at It defaults to dark mode, and the light mode button isn’t working on all pages.
However, on 404 pages like and, it initially shows dark mode but then switches to light mode. Please check.

I also observed that this problem do not exist in local host.

I checked. I cannot replicate. This is not something done by Netlify.

Can you open and see the behaviour. It opens in dark mode by default. and also the theme change icon is not operatable.

As I said previously

In case you didn’t understand, that means I opened the URL to verify the behaviour and was unable to verify it. This means the page opened in dark mode and stayed in dark mode.

I’m the same. I can’t replicate perhaps your CMS is off?


Right Case: it should be showing light mode and only when user clicks on icon theme icon it should change to dark theme.

Failure Case: You observed that is opening dark mode by default and it stayed like wise.

I am wondering about this since i didn’t see failure case when i run it in local host.

Can you help me understand what I need to check for ?

My devices default to dark mode. However, even when I request light mode on the site, it doesn’t work—it remains in dark mode. This indicates there is an issue with how the dark/light mode works on the site. You’re using gatsby which is high on the list of frameworks I steer well away.

I suggest you test productions builds locally. After running dev mode, remove any output/build directory and run the build command for the project (e.g. npm run build.) If you have a package like serve installed globally test the build using serve -s <build-directory>. If you dont’ run npx serve -s <build-directory>. Test and observe the behaviour of the site.

Failing that, find a general development forum and post a question there as this isn’t an issue with Netlify.