Indian subscriptions declined - new RBI rule

As you’ll must have heard of the new RBI rules here in India - starting Oct 1, 2021, all recurring charges from India will get declined. See Tech giants brace for impact in India as new payments rule goes into effect – TechCrunch

Strips has an update on this (not sure if you’ll are using Stripe):

You might already been seeing declined payments from India.

Our cc has been declined yesterday and updating the cc details is not working. We need to run the card manually which requires additional factor authentication for recurring transactions. Do let me know how I can make the payment in line with the new rules. Currently, I believe there is only an option to update the cc details and then the charge gets run after a day or so - this is not going to work!

Any help is appreciated. Obviously, don’t want my account de-activated!

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Hi @logicman,

Thank you for posting this. We’re aware of the issue and are trying to figure out what the best solution going forward would be.

Meanwhile is there some other card or a virtual card that you could use to pay?

Hey, Sahil! Looks like the card payment in fact went through. I wonder – did you make any changes or were you asked to make any changes for this to be successful?

Hi Hrishikesh,

We tried with the different cards, but none of them is working. Do you have any suggestions on which all cards/virtual cards from India work with your platform? Or is there any option we can make use of to make the manual payment?

We also don’t want our live accounts to get de-activated! So please let us know a solution for the same.

Thanks for your support,

No card from India will work for the time being. When I said virtual card, I meant using some other country’s card if possible.

That’s the option currently being added to the UI.

They won’t. If you’ve already added an Indian card to your account, your account is safe till the time we add this option. If you’ve not added a card before and if you’re seeing your account is overdue, let us know and we’d take care of it.


Hi @hrishikesh Do we have an update on this issue. I would like to upgrade to pro account and it shows transaction declined.


Hey there, @WizmobiTech :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I have opened a helpdesk ticket for you and we will respond there! If you do not receive an email from us, please let me know.