Images not displaying (Webpack bundler) - 404

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I´ve search for a solution to this with no luck, som I´m trying here:

My project dosn´t display any images. Not the static from html and css, nor the dymaically set in the js.
The paths are as from the index.html in the dist folder. I have tried prefixing path with “/”, no luck.

I use Webpack as bundler. (Not file-loader).
The site builds and deploys fine.

Netlify site name: main–
GitHub repos

@SimonADW A few things:

  1. This appears to be an assignment - if seeking to be a web dev you should self-solve

    The final project aims to showcase your proficiency in coding and design, integrating the skills acquired in the first semester, and the latest knowledge acquired during the second semester.

  2. The watch declaration in your webpack.config.cjs file means when I run npm run build that it never completes.

  1. You only have the one config file, and it’s set to development
  1. When running npm run build your dist folder does not contain any images:


    Only files in the Publish directory (set in your Build configuration) will be deployed on Netlify

    You’ll need to google around to fix your build appropriately, I don’t work with webpack myself so cannot provide any tips.


Thank you kindly for answering in no time!