Website Images Won't Work After Deplying The Website

Hello, this is my website it was built on html and css using sass and the problem seems that it cannot find the images to load. Everything else seems to be working find like the content. Before deplying it I even said to put dist to signify I want that folder to be loaded. Don’t know what to do next. Thanks. I also get this on the console when running the homepage of the site. This is a portfolio website to practice my coding.

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@moguljon Welcome to the Netlify community. It appears that you have /dist in your asset paths. Remove that, and your assets should load.

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+1, welcome @moguljon! To add to what @gregraven said above, anywhere you have something like:
<img src="/dist/img/items/item1.png" alt="first-work">
it should instead be:
<img src="/img/items/item1.png" alt="first-work">

This is because dist/ is the directory that’s deployed:

dist/    <---- we're starting from inside this folder
  |_ img/
  |   |_ items/
  |      |_item1.png
  |      |_item2.png  <---- the path to here is: /img/items/item2.png

Let us know if that fixes things for you or we can answer any other questions.

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Thank you this solves it.

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Worked. Thank you.