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Images don't load on deployment

Website is loading but images are not. Does it have to do with our images being in our dist path?

Website: https://nervous-sinoussi-e81b3b.netlify.app/
Github repo: GitHub - PreQL-by-MACK/pre-QL-website

Hi @kyledkim

The issue here is the same as your previous issue in that the paths are /dist/img when they are really in /img.

/dist is the directory webpack builds your site into. This is also the directory Netlify publishes. You need to remove the

publicPath: `/dist`

from the webpack.config.js in your repository.

Also, remove the node_modules directory in your git repository also. Netlify installs and caches the modules required as part of the build process so having this directory in your repository in not required *(add it to your .gitignore.)

Thanks again coelmay.