Images won't load on deployed site

I’ve been using Netlify and Zola for my website for a couple years now and haven’t had an issue until today. 2 images won’t load ‘/images/SanDiego2023.jpg’ and ‘image/Austin2022.jpg’ they’re in the same folder as other images that are loading. When I inspect the images in the browser the link to them looks correct and it’s the same as the images that are loading.

my github url is : GitHub - mkemorgn/ Source code for my website.

the offending page on my website is : Mike Morgan

the images are in my git hub repo here

I also noticed in my build logs that netlify says it detected 2 frame works: Hugo and Zola. I’ve never used Hugo so I’m not sure where that’s coming from? Not sure if that has anything to do with this, I looked at old deploy logs and didn’t see that. This is the first time I’ve deployed in about 6 months.

@mkemorgn You have added your new images to the /public/images/ folder in your repository, which is likely your site output.

Add them to /static/images/ instead.

Your build will be emptying the public folder, so you could exclude it from your repository entirely using .gitignore to prevent confusion.

Nice! Thanks for this.