Images not loading, checked other posts but cannot put a finger on what I'm missing

Hey all, I have local files that are not showing up on deployment. I’ve referenced several other posts, and really need help identifying where I’m going wrong. The working background image is linked via an imgur link, and not how I want to fix the problem ideally.

Here is my site:

The images are located in a “photos” folder in the root of the project.

I have tried path-ing using relative routes: "<img src='photos/img.jpg'>" as well as absolute routes: <img src=""> , to no avail. I know I am missing something, but thought I would reach out as I have spent a bit too long on trying to fix this on my own.

Heyya @HoldUpFjord and sorry to hear about the trouble!

There is no photos directory at all in your deploy, so that explains why the files are not accessible - you didn’t deploy them.

I’d suggest trying out this app (written by my colleague, safe to use) to “explore” what you have deployed - you’ll see that there are some images, but they are all in the root directory, and there is no photos subdirectory:

Hopefully that helps you debug and fix the problem :slight_smile: