Image Links Broken


I’ve deployed my website at [Built using Jekyll].

The problem Im facing is that, some of the images are randomly broken. They appear properly in local but as soon as I deploy the changes to netlify. I am not able to see the images.

Please Help. Thanks

Hi, welcome!

I’m seeing different types of URLs being loaded for your images. Relative ones (which work) like ../images/work/Advanz/Images/Thumbnail - 1.png and absolute ones which don’t work:

Try looking for the differences in your source code between the two, that should help you identify the problem!

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I looked into it.

All the images in my soruce code have relative paths. I havent uploaded anything to cloudfront. Dont understand how that URL is being display?

Any chance you’re using image_tag and img elements? Maybe some images are loaded through javascript while others are not? It’s hard to tell without looking at your source code really…

the cloudfrount links are due to the asset optimization.

you can learn a little bit more about that here:

we strongly recommend you use only relative URLs if you are using asset optimization. If you need to use absolute URLs, you should switch off asset optimization, which you can do through the UI in your settings.