ALL Images suddenly broke. I did not push anything

This happened on all my sites. For example

Or this elastic-agnesi-1aa108

I did not change any code, I did not re rendered. The images broke on themself

@alexts9565 It would appear you are suffering the same problem as @malik991 is

@malik991 appears it isn’t you, it’s Netlify.

And I believe @Dariusz_Sta is seeing the same issue

Hey @elad.rosenheim, something you could help with?

@dig I concur, there’s definitely something funky going on with the images, it’s garbling images like it’s 1994.


Ah 1994, how I miss ye (sometimes.)

We have the same issue with images on several websites (Next.js). A re-deployment didn’t work. Any advice?


Currently facing the same issue on

This is a large-scale issue impacting numerous users. My advice is to wait for Netlify support to see this thread at which time they can/will offer further assistance.

ping @SamO

My images are being wonky as well, but they’re not garbled, they just won’t load.

If I refresh the page, some might load, others might not. Or none load at all. Completely random, and no errors on the site are being generated (in console view), and I’m not seeing anything odd in the edge function logs.

They show as if they’re starting to load, but then just go blank.
I’m using Next.js with the component, not sure what others are using.

I’m also experiencing this issue on several sites using the Next runtime

Thanks for reporting this issue. The Netlify team are looking at this now.


I managed to get my website back online by upgrading to Next 14.2.2, which in turn forces Netlify to use the new Next.js runtime v5.

It has to do something with screen size. Images are loading fine on mobile devices .

Mobile doesn’t work on my end too

Hi folks,
Very sorry for the trouble!

We’ve opened an incident and you can follow along here: Netlify Status - Increased errors in image processing for Next.js runtime v4

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Hey folks.
The incident has now been resolved and your images should be working as expected now.
Apologies for the trouble.

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Not for me.


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Did not help. I still have the issue. Please see the above comment

I don’t see any issues with your site on either my mobile device or desktop @alexts9565.

Can’t see any issues with your page, either. Have you cleared the cache and/or tested with another browser?

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Hey there! I checked out the site and it is working again as expected in my browser. If you are not seeing the same, please clear your cache & cookies, or try opening it in a new incognito window. You may be viewing a cached version from yesterday! Let us know how that goes for you. Thanks!