Some images shown while 2 of them are not showing on deploy website

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this is my deploy website URL:
my hero section image and about section images are not showing while the images which i displayed in project are shown correctly. these are the URL of those images which are not shown.

this problem occurs today before that every thing was working fine.

please help me what will be the issue.

In both cases it is something to do with the width (w) parameter as when I remove it, the image loads fine, e.g.,q_75/%2Fimages%2Fabout-image.jpg?url=%2Fimages%2Fabout-image.jpg&q=75

the above image already loaded as blurr … however on local it is working fine. and if you remove the “w” in first picture URL. it is not shown

It was working. Now it is not.

Image loads fine when accessed directly

Everything works perfectly locally, especially when running in development mode.

Edit: Seems to alternative between working and not working on each refresh.

that’s why i am asking what will be the solution ?

I have no idea. I don’t use Next.

Hi there, I think this was associated with an incident we had yesterday regarding Next, but it has since been resolved. I even see your images live again! Let us know if you continue to have any issues.

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thank you so much now it is resolved.