Picture not showing

I have 4 pictures in my html code and three of them are showing. But the one with a link inside of it is not showing. The link works, here is my website: https://wonderful-kirch-2f73e7.netlify.app
Please help.

Hey @kaddy.darboe10

There is only one image that doesn’t show when I look at your site which is images/Skärmavbild 2022-03-02 kl. 11.09.14.png.

Without seeing the file, I can only make guesses as to the cause. Possibly:

  • The file is missing from the deploy.
  • The filename is different: S and s are different
  • There is a naming issue, possible because of the ä, or the spaces (I would always advise filenames without spaces; replace spaces with - or _.)

To download the deployed Deploys > Deploy Details select the download arrow (this will generate a zip file.)

Thank you so much!!! It was the ä letter getting in the way!!

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