Image hosting issue on netlify?

Trying to deploy a brand new site and it’s working on local server ( `background-image: url(./…/…/…/public/cover.jpg)

But on deployment the image can’t be found and the source is background-image: url(webpack:///mini-css-extract-plugin/_next/static/media/cover.be718e5f.jpg);

Is there anything wrong on Netlify’s end or what’s this about?

Hi @moseby, if possible can you share the repository to your site and the website for me to help with the debugging.

Hey. I just fixed the issue by removing the “…/public/” part. So just “/cover.jpg”. But it works on all my other sites. Weird that it doesn’t work with …/public all of sudden

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Hi @moseby, thanks for sharing how you resolved your problem.
Sharing how you resolved the problem is definitely going to help others experiencing the same problem in the future.