Image EXIF rotation not obeyed with Netlify Large Media

I’m using Netlify Large Media for image storage. When I use it to pull a transformed image, the EXIF rotation data is not used, so some images show an incorrect rotation.

Here is the link to the file as it is on my build:

And here it is with the size transformation tags:

When deployed to production it shows up incorrectly like this:

To me it looks like all of the EXIF data is scrubbed from the file served from Netlify LM.

Is there a way I can get Netlify Large Media to keep the EXIF data for rotation/orientation?

Hi, @takenbythedesert, thank you for pointing this out and I see the same when I test.

At this time, I know of no workaround for this. If you transform the image the EXIF data is removed.

I’ve entered an issue to have the EXIF data preserved when JPEGs are transformed.

If/when the issue is known to be resolved, we’ll update this community topic to let you know about it. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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