Netlify Large Media Transforms are not working


I’m having trouble getting image transforms to work on images hostd on NLM. I can see the following image inside the NLM section in the Netlify admin dashboard for the site:


And I can access the image on the site here:

But when I try to add the transform query params it’s still serving the full resolution image:

I’m honestly not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve already double-checked git lfs ls-files, have already done a git lfs push --all origin, have double checked that the content type of the response is indeed image/jpeg instead of something strange, but it still doesn’t get transformed. What could I be missing?

Furthermore, I’ve uploaded a couple of other images through NetlifyCMS, and they’re supposed to be stored in NLM, and I do see them show up in git lfs ls-files, and I do see the pointers files committed in the remote repository, and they are added to the public folder (I’m using Gatsby) on build, which is then deployed to Netlify (I’m deploying manually, via the Netlify CLI from my local machine); but the links to these files somehow seem broken? See I also don’t seem to see these images under the NLM section of the Netlify admin console for the site. Is NetlifyCMS somehow failing to push them to NLM or am I missing something?

My git lfs is on version 2.13.3, which should be fine from what I’ve been able to gather so far.

Thanks for your help

Hi, @tjjjwxzq. Large Media is a Git LFS service which also allows for browse time image transformations.

The fact that it is a Git LFS service is important. This means it only functions when the using Git repo based builds at Netlify.

In other words, if you use manual deployments, you are not using Git when deploying. If you are not using Git when deploying, you are not using Git LFS. If you are not using Git LFS, the Large Media is not used and image transformations are not available.

I’ve check the currently published deploy (6097f2237bf753abaf4baeef) and this was a manual deploy. This is the reason image transformations do not work.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.