I'm trying to reestablish my domain on netlify but I'm getting this error:

My domain used Netlify but then I switched from Netlify. I want to bring it back and I connected it with my github account successfully but when I try to connect it to my domain it says [myURL].com or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.

Can anyone help?

If you let us know the domain, then sure

its paynothinguntilapril.com

Hi @gurionmaccabee welcome to the Netlify support forums and thanks so much for reaching out. :wave:t6:

Do you know who has your previous domain? If it was on a previous account of yours please remove it or reach out to who owns your domain?

If none of those are an viable we will need to verify ownership. Please follow the instructions in this support guide:

The domain has always been mine. It was hosted by Netlify for a while but I checked a bit ago (about a week) and it wasn’t working so I moved it over to cloudflare (though its down now). I would like to move it back to Netlify but I keep getting the error from the original question, that its already being handled by Netlify (which it is not).

Hi, @gurionmaccabee. Thank you for the additional details.

Sam’s comment still applies. Have you read the support guide she sent to you? If so, please follow those instructions and reply here when the verification DNS record is working. If you have questions about that support guide, please share those questions here.

Thanks for explaining! I’m new to this.
I read through the support guide and added a new TXT file with the info mentioned in the doc, including a link to this ticket. I don’t know what you mean by “when the verification DNS record is working”. It seems to have saved just fine on the GoogleDomain site (“These DNS settings are active.”).
Let me know if that works on your end and what to do next. Thank you

Hi, @gurionmaccabee. I do see the record working when I test:

$ dig +noall +answer verified-for-netlify.paynothinguntilapril.com TXT
verified-for-netlify.paynothinguntilapril.com. 3600 IN TXT "https://answers.netlify.com/t/im-trying-to-reestablish-my-domain-on-netlify-but-im-getting-this-error/83675"

The domain has been removed from the other site and team. ​Please let us know if if there are any issues when adding it to the new team now.

Also, please feel free to delete the verification DNS record anytime.

That worked! Thank you for all the help

Glad to hear it! Thanks for coming back and letting u s know!