If Netlify controls the DNS, can I modify its DNS records to make Google App Engine custom domains happy?

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My Netlify site is here: https://learnanything.dev

The issue I have is that I have domain bought with Google Domains. I then made Google Domains use Netlify DNS custom servers. 4 of them.

I then want to deploy my API endpoints as a subdomain. so api.learnanything.dev in my case.

If I try do this, GCP tells me to do this:

Redacted actual record values.

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The issue though it seems Netlify doesn’t let me do it in the UI. Get this error:

Please help as I’d like to use Netlify fully as it says I have better performance this way. Thank you.

Hey @nikitavoloboev

The A record you are attempting to create in the second screenshot is not for api.learnanything.dev but for learnanything.dev (indicated by the @ symbol).

For the name values, you need to put api and www.api along with the required IP address.