Identity Audit Log page numbers not working in Netlify Dashboard

I’ve tried clicking on page 2 and also using the next/previous page arrows, but they just shoot me up to the top of page 1 without changing the page. I’ve tried it in Chrome and Firefox - same problem in both.

That’s strange! I just checked out a sample audit log and the page numbers seemed to work for me. I’m not going to ask you to share screen shots of your audit logs obviously, but could you please:

No errors is the dev console. When I click another page the URL does update, but the page content doesn’t change - I’m just brought to the top of the first page, like as if the href is ‘#’. I’ve also tried this in Incognito mode, same problem.

I’m on a Macbook. Chrome build 83.0.4103.61. But same problem using Firefox too.

Hi @chocobuckle, could you try this link: It should take you to page 2 of your logs. Alternatively, could you try opening opening your browser dev tools and take a screenshot of the network tab as you navigate the page? Like so: