Netlify Identity skipping local dev modal

I have basically copied the following starter repo but Identity isn’t working? When I start up local development and hit my “login” button, the local dev modal pops up for a moment but then redirects to a nonexistent /admin page.

I’m not using Netlify CMS with this or anything, I can’t tell where the redirect is coming from? I’ve tried clearing the cache and localstorage, removing .next and .netlify, using an Incognito window, etc.

Due to the automatic redirect, I also cannot enter in my Netlify siteURL.

Hey there,
Sorry for the slow response here! I’d suggest filing an issue on the repo about this. I also see that the project is not using next-on-netlify, which is what we now recommend for Next.js projects:

next-on-netlify is actively under development, so maybe you’ll have better luck with a demo project linked there?