Test Auth demo not working as expected

Reading the documentation about Netlify Identity, I was very excited to see this blog post about how to gate certain pages. extra excited to find out there was a live DEMO! but pulled back to reality when I realized the demo doesn’t work correctly.

My expectation is that visiting the Test Auth page will redirect me to the Login page. This does not happen.


Has the implementation of the Netlify Identity changed since the blog post was written? Was the example ever working? Is there additional documentation that I missed? The blog post is from Netlify and linked to in the Netlify documentation, so it seems to be an official way to handle this, but it does not work.

Hi @zackseuberling, welcome to the community!

I’ve made a change to the _redirects file to make the example work:


Here’s my fork of the example: https://github.com/depadiernos/netlify_identity_example/blob/master/_redirects

I’ll ask the dev that created that example to update it to make sure it continues to work as it seems there were some changes to the redirect rules needed to make things work.