I want to delete this domain: emmriztech.com.ng

Please i need help. I want to delete a custom domain and the option to perform that is not found anywhere.

I have deleted the netlify site name

Custom Domain is Emmriztech.com.ng

Error message: emmriztech.com.ng is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to add it to your site. You can configure Netlify DNS for this domain later.

How can any one help me delete this off for me to start setting the domain up from scratch.

Hi @Emmriz,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums!

Are you still seeing the issue when attempting to add emmriztech.com.ng to your site? What site are you trying to add the domain onto? I’m not showing that the domain is currently on a site or DNS Zone so you should be able to add the custom domain to your site.

If you’re still seeing the issue, could you provide a screenshot of the error?

I am trying to add it to this site: https://spontaneous-croquembouche-ce26a0.netlify.app

The domain was previously added to one site which I deleted it because I made modifications to it and then reuploaded it. To now add the domain became an issue. kindly see attached screenshot for the error.

. Please I need urgent help.

warm regards.

Hi @Emmriz,

Since you own the domain, you can click Add domain. Are you seeing an error after clicking Add domain?

Yes! That’s the error in the screenshot anytime I try to add a domain.

Hi. What’s the result, if you click Add domain now?
It does not seem like an error, Netlify just tells you that this domain already exists.
I mean, I see this exact message literally every time I add a domain, bc in my case they are externally registered most of the time

Hi @Emmriz,

That’s not an error message, it’s just telling you that the domain is already registered, (since you purchased it elsewhere) and that if you own it, to select Add domain.

If you click the Add domain button, do you see any error messages?

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Yes, the domain is registered externally, and as I mentioned before, it was added to a website I uploaded to my netlify account and it was working fine. Since there is no provision to edit the website live on the platform, I henced deleted the website, made the necessary corrections on the files locally, then tried to upload it back.

I want the newly uploaded website to take the name “emmriztech.com.ng”

How can you be of help.

In such cases, how do you add the domain to your website?

Can you see the “emmriztech.com.ng” on this tab?

If so, I believe it’s gonna connect to the new site automatically when you press “Add domain”. Again, that message is not an error.

If you don’t see the domain name on that tab, it just adds an extra step after clicking “Add domain”. It’s not super complicated, all you need to do is to login to your DNS provider (Godaddy etc.) and set name servers for your domain to Netlify’s (you’ll see them on the next screen after clicking “Add domain”)

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Bravo!!! Your screenshot made the difference

Thank you so much!!

The issue has been resolved.

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Hi @Emmriz :wave:t6: thanks for confirming your issue was resolved!