I need NETLIFY dns records to be associated with my active Netlify DNS zone, after having deleted them!

I have set my nameservers at external dns to point at netlify.

Before doing this I had imported domain name, and to add dns entries from this place, I individually deleted the NETLIFY entries, to do this.

Now it seems I want them back?

I tried importing domain again, but this changes nothing.

What should I do now?

The site is still being served by old hosting.

The answer is: what I did was to delete each of the dns entries manually. Then I tried adding the already added domain again. This produced nothing. So I then, deleted the dns zone. Okay I was going into unknown territory, but I had run out of options. After it was deleted, I re-added it again. This worked, but I needed to edit my NS (namespace servers) at the external domain name registrar. So I did so. Note that we are altering here the NS records, not A records. You don’t want to set A records to dns name servers!
Then I cleared web browsing history in google Chrome browser. Et viola!

You know netlify: it would REALLY help to have a button to restore default NETLIFY domain dns entries without all this cloak and mirrors guesswork! Deleting DNS zone was brave of me, but I had run out of options and people to ask.

hi there, is this helpful at all?