I can't see identity tab

Hi folks!
I enabled identity service for me free apps to be able to use netlify cms. I can login to my page, works great. Although I can not see the identity tab on the seetings page, so I can’t invite users for example.


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I have this problem too.

(Note that you can access the page directly at https://app.netlify.com /sites/yoursite/identity)

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Hiya @halacsy & @ben519 :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: Thanks for brining this to our attention. I will escalate this to product. In the meantime using the direct link that @ben519 should resolve this issue!

Thank you so much. It works with the direct link.

Hello, is there anything new? I rely on this functionality on multiple sites, so continued removal of the tab from the admin interface is making me really nervous. (The direct link still works.)

Thanks For This Help

It’s still available in the Integrations tab. The docs have been updated to reflect this when this change was made.

Thanks for clarifying this! I did not find it in the docs before.