I can't create netify account, suspended after registration

Hey Netlify,

I am desperate,
I was following this tutorial on youtube about how to develop a static website with jamstack and CMS, and to continue i need to log in to netlify,

At first i tried to sign up wirh github, but i couldnt because the app said I already have an account, so I tried to login, and it gave me the exact same error,
And I treid to sigh up via email, the verification link expired isntantly, the app suggested to reset password, and I did but I am suspended,

I have done this with my other email as well, but the same thing keep happening.

I jusr wanna finish the course,
It’d be a great help if you can check this problem under this email, galohot@protonmail.com and blp.bum@biroumumkemlu.id

Thank you.

Hi @dediirawanwork :wave:t6: ,

Welcome to the forums, sorry about that sometimes are system automatically marks new signups as spam. I have removed the block on your account. You should be able to login/signup.

Good luck and happy building!

Thank you very much, can you please lift the suspension for blp.bum@biroumumkemlu.id as well? I’d like to have access to netlofy on this account too,

I’m happy to look into that but It worth noting that you are not allowed to have more than one account on Netlify. Does that account belong to you?

Oh if that’s the case i will be fine if Netlify want to de activate this one and ill be using the blp.bum@biroumumkemlu.id, thank you

Same issue for me dev@xbull.com
Please check thanks.

Hi, please view our VP of security response regarding this.

Unfortunately we will not be able to enable your account. You will need to find another platform to host your content.