I am having problem with react-pdf library, on localhost I am able to download the PDF, but when i Deploy it, i can not download the pdf

@maazans Can you provide more detail, perhaps a link to the repository?

Nit-Hostel-Management/src/Pages/Dashboard/Viewinfo/Viewinfo.jsx at Maaz · mxansari007/Nit-Hostel-Management · GitHub

in this page i am generating a pdf using react-pdf/renderer, also i make API for generating this pdf, which is present in src/API/MyDocument folder

@maazans I’ve been able to get your app to run locally after fixing a couple of filenames/references due to case sensitivity issues, but I don’t have login details, nor do I know the steps I would need to take to try and generate the PDF from within your app.

I’m also unfamiliar with the package you’re using for the PDF generation, but it looks capable of doing so purely on the front end.

If you’re working with only front-end code, then it’s unlikely to be a Netlify related issue.

Happy to keep taking a look if you can provide more details to replicate.

try username: admin
password: admin

deployed version: NIT Hostel Management

you need to go Student info → View info → then click on Search without writing any search query

Maybe I need to change the pdf library altogether if library is an issue

@maazans I couldn’t get it to run locally, but was able to access the deployed version.

Going to where you’ve indicated the column of Download buttons are simply not clickable.

They don’t seem to be real buttons/links, having a custom attribute of download but seemingly no JavaScript that is acting upon that to do anything at all.


Ok, Thank you for your Help and Feedback