Regading the PDF issue after deployment

Hi Team,
I am facing issue with the pdf to download. After deployment i am facing issue to download the pdf.

github:GitHub - SanjanaTU/Sanjana_Portfolio

Deployment status
4:38:25 PM: Netlify Build

4:38:25 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: ❯ Version

4:38:25 PM: @netlify/build 29.31.4

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: ❯ Flags

4:38:25 PM: baseRelDir: true

4:38:25 PM: buildId: 659eb9bdc52a3b088713b3a9

4:38:25 PM: deployId: 659eb9bdc52a3b088713b3ab

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: ❯ Current directory

4:38:25 PM: /opt/build/repo

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: ❯ Config file

4:38:25 PM: No config file was defined: using default values.

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: ❯ Context

4:38:25 PM: production

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: Build command from Netlify app

4:38:25 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

4:38:25 PM: ​

4:38:25 PM: $ npm run build

4:38:25 PM: > portfolio-sanjanatu@0.0.0 build

4:38:25 PM: > vite build && cp src/assets/*.pdf dist/assets/

vite v5.0.11 building for production…

4:38:25 PM: transforming…

4:38:29 PM: node_modules/three-stdlib/libs/lottie.js (13062:32) Use of eval in β€œnode_modules/three-stdlib/libs/lottie.js” is strongly discouraged as it poses security risks and may cause issues with minification.

4:38:31 PM: βœ“ 975 modules transformed.

4:38:31 PM: rendering chunks…

4:38:31 PM: computing gzip size…

4:38:31 PM: dist/index.html 0.49 kB β”‚ gzip: 0.32 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/reactjs-C2MbG7jx.png 4.10 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/figma-Ffo7LGA_.png 4.75 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/tesla-3qgPA5wV.png 4.95 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/tailwind-i0ent8iN.png 5.24 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/html-ZYS0Rs2I.png 5.32 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/css-5WRNGH9I.png 5.48 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/docker-60Ckme38.png 5.49 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/nodejs-XLcSyKqV.png 6.60 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/meta-wwPXefW1.png 7.75 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/redux-YIgjsQRx.png 7.77 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/shopify-fb2A323g.png 8.00 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/mongodb-51PRC_bF.png 8.05 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/logo-rK6fOP-X.svg 9.70 kB β”‚ gzip: 1.49 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/github-VH8e7qgP.png 11.07 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/starbucks-6YhUdmyp.png 16.75 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/creator-d3V1jrfE.png 21.77 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/mobile-zsmMcWH-.png 22.66 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/backend-IU17xwLW.png 28.78 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/logo_TU-tCiuNbwn.png 46.65 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/web-NPJKP6jW.png 59.04 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/Sanjana_FullStack_Resume-wWsbjXDq.pdf 82.84 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/jobit-ZLvUsGJU.png 755.05 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/carrent-XLSc4ln5.png 758.93 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/TravelTales-X6_gJl6i.png 1,933.31 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/MyPlaceKeeper-RxSmlDSR.png 2,168.22 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/tripguide-4V5ZJwxS.png 3,417.51 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/index-2SeK4YRp.css 22.63 kB β”‚ gzip: 5.10 kB

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/index-aBJ6mBcC.js 1,207.86 kB β”‚ gzip: 352.76 kB

4:38:31 PM:

4:38:31 PM: (!) Some chunks are larger than 500 kB after minification. Consider:

4:38:31 PM: - Using dynamic import() to code-split the application

4:38:31 PM: - Use build.rollupOptions.output.manualChunks to improve chunking: Configuration Options | Rollup

4:38:31 PM: - Adjust chunk size limit for this warning via build.chunkSizeWarningLimit.

4:38:31 PM: βœ“ built in 6.16s

4:38:31 PM: ​

4:38:31 PM: (build.command completed in 6.6s)

4:38:31 PM: ​

4:38:32 PM: (Netlify Build completed in 6.8s)

4:38:51 PM: Section completed: building

4:38:53 PM: Finished processing build request in 42.125s



4:38:31 PM: Deploy site

4:38:31 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

4:38:31 PM: ​

4:38:31 PM: Starting to deploy site from β€œdist”

4:38:31 PM: Calculating files to upload

4:38:32 PM: 0 new files to upload

4:38:32 PM: 0 new functions to upload

4:38:32 PM: Section completed: deploying

4:38:32 PM: Site deploy was successfully initiated

4:38:32 PM: ​

4:38:32 PM: (Deploy site completed in 126ms)





Deploy file browser


  • assets

29 files

  • desktop_pc

54 files

  • planet

5 files

  • index.html

Hi @Sanjana,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you clarify the issue you’re having with downloading the pdf? Could you provide steps to replicate the issue? Are you seeing an error message in the dev console?

on the navbar component i have Resume which has to download when i click on it automatically.
In Local it was working fine but after deployment i find my resume is not downloading properly i can a message saying " File wasnt available on site"

@Sanjana The issue is that the URL is wrong.

Your Resume link is pointing to:

This is trying to load:

The only PDF mentioned in your build log is:

4:38:31 PM: dist/assets/Sanjana_FullStack_Resume-wWsbjXDq.pdf 82.84 kB

You also have a post vite build command of cp src/assets/*.pdf dist/assets/
Which is attempting to copy any pdf files from src/assets/ to dist/assets/

Assuming that you have set your Publish directory to dist and that the original filename was Sanjana_FullStack_Resume.pdf that means the file’s locations are:

The one output by vite β†’

The one you moved over via the cp command β†’

Both of those exist.

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Thank you @nathanmartin
I was able to fix the issue with your guidance. :slightly_smiling_face:

I too have a question
During my bootcamp my instructor asked us not to use anchor tag as it could create some issue during the deployment in netlify.

Does really the netlify create a problem if we use tag in our project during deployment?

@Sanjana What do you mean by an β€œanchor tag”?

You can write what you mean in a Markdown β€œcode block” on this forum by using three backticks ``` before and after the code, e.g.

<a href="#myitem">This is some HTML code</a>

Do you mean the β€œanchor element” itself?

Or specifically what many people refer to as an β€œanchor link” where the href is set to an identifier on the page, e.g. #myitem?