Trouble downloading pdf

Hi, I am having trouble downloading PDF from backend . This is my site ,its nuxt 3 . I have client side composable that goes to server side which then tries to get it from backend. All other functions work, but download downloads just blob when deployed . In local everything works fine. Any help would be appreciated…p.s. I haven’t found solution anywhere online jet :slight_smile: of course , button is now disabled to avoid unnecessary clicks

Check the following:

File Location: Ensure that the PDF file is located in the correct directory. If you’re using a build process, the file should be located in the public directory so that it gets copied into the dist folder during build and thus gets deployed.
File Path: Make sure that the file path is correct. If the file path is incorrect, it could result in an empty file download.

Yeah, like I said, it’s on backend and I do have build so I don’t really see a way around it… And it does download it, just in a form of blob and not pdf