File system read-only error

Hi! í’ve ran into an issue where i cant write any files to my public/assets/ route in my nuxt app. Is this an netlify restriction?

This code works perfectly fine on my localhost. But i get read-only error on netlify
const filePath = path.join(process.cwd(), 'public/assets/groups', 'contract.pdf')

@Kuba-Kajderowicz What are you executing that code from within?

You might want to have a quick read of:

Code is being executed from my nuxt api/ directory. Saving to the public directory where all my assets are.

@Kuba-Kajderowicz Netlify’s staff will be able to confirm, but I doubt that’s possible.

Nuxt can either be deployed to Netlify Functions or Edge Functions. The former is on AWS Lambda where you can only write to /tmp and the latter works on Deno where you don’t have filesystem access.