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Download links for deployed builds are not working

Hello the Netlify Team,

First of all, thank you for making websites easier.

This post is regarding my website https://fortune9.netlify.app/. I tried to download the deployed website by clicking the downloading arrow at Netlify App , but it didn’t respond: nothing happened. I also tried to download other builds, none of them work. Please help.

Thank you.


Hi @fortune9

I have just tried on one of my sites, getting the same result as you. Appears there is an issue.

Will escalate this to support.

Consider it officially escalated now, @coelmay. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention as well, @fortune9.

We will follow-up here to let you known when this is fixed.

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@fortune9, the issue was resolved on Friday. ​Please let us know if you still see any issues when downloading the deploy.

@luke @coelmay Thank you for helping me out. I am impressed by your efficiency in solving problems. I tested downloading links, and they are working now. Thank you again.