Hugo site not using extended version

I made some content updates to our site, and the build failed because it used regular Hugo instead of the extended version, which used to be the default before (I need support for SASS).

Netlify App is the site. I didn’t change any settings other than modifying some content.

I tried to play around with the HUGO_VERSION build variable, but couldn’t find a setting that makes it use the extended version.

Any ideas on what to try next?

The latest succesful build uses this Hugo version: hugo v0.85.0-724D5DB5+extended

While the failed build uses: hugo v0.85.0-724D5DB5

Again - I’m not aware of changing any settings so it seems Netlify changed the default Hugo?

Hm ok weird, I tried to just set HUGO_VERSION to “0.85.0” (e.g. not adding extended anywhere) and then it used the extended version, but when I don’t use any environment variable, it downloads the regular version and fails.

Thanks for that followup! I presume we do it intentionally, but I would also presume we didn’t intend the behavior to change unexpectedly! FYI, this is the software that downloads hugo:

Based on your recent actions from our internal audit logs, it looks like this may correspond to a change from our xenial build image to our focal one - if you change back briefly, here: Netlify App - does it work as it used to?

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