Hugo not deploying

I need advice to debug deploy
I am using hugo and netlify, trying to push to github but not working… i think it may be because I am doing a git submodule add in hugo… and it is messing things up. the github site is:

I fixed it… all I did was…

1… I set the baseURL to my Netlify URL. It was listed as
2… do a hugo -D on my laptop, which updated the /public dir.
So I am not doing a build on netlify at all. but I was getting this error:
ROXO-HUGO theme does not support Hugo version 0.54.0. Minimum version required is 0.58.0
how would I resolve that in the build command so I don’t have to do the build on my laptop. I ask, because eventually I want to make the content a submodule and just have netlify do the merge.

Hey @vinceyoumans,
You should be able to fix this by adding the HUGO_VERSION you need as an environment variable as described here:

Let us know how it goes!