HTTPS not working correctly


My site:

The certificate https in my site not working correctly. I tried to get a new certificate from Netilify panel, but not working.

Do you have any idea?


Hmm, it seems that the A record for does not point to Netlify. You may want to change it first.

Since you are using GoDaddy’s DNS, check the “Configure an apex domain” section on the Netlify Docs:

Also, for your information, the current A record to seems to point to an IP address which has been associated with phishing activities. Hence, your domain was tagged as a phishing domain by Google SafeBrowsing. You will want to report a detection problem after changing your A record in GoDaddy.

This wouldn’t affect certificate issuance, but it will definitely affect the people who are trying to visit your site as they are greeted with this warning: