Doesn't appear to be served by Netlify


My site has been and working just fine for a good while. All of a sudden, it’s down. I got the error message that ’ doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify’, & it says ’ We can’t provision a certificate until your DNS configuration is pointing at the Netlify servers and the changes have propagated.’ when I click on renew certificate but I checked all of the dns records and even on DNS checkers, everything is set up correctly.

My Netlify site name is I guess that would apply as the custom domain as well.

I have tried troubleshooting in al ways offered throughut the process of trying to fix this and just cant find the issue.

The issue is the A records for the apex domain

$ dig	4333	IN	A	4333	IN	A

These aren’t Netlify IP addresses. These are Hubspot IP addresses, is served by Cloudflare and redirected to

$ curl -sI | egrep 'server|location'
server: cloudflare

As is using Netlify DNS the domain needs to point to Netlify. If you are wanting to use Hubspot in front on Netlify you’ll need to remove the domain from Netlify DNS and using external DNS configuration

Okay. I deleted those A records. How do I bring it back to Netlify? Would it be by adding new A records but with Netlify Ip’s? If so, can you provide the A record details please?

Thanks so much


When you assign a domain to a production domain special NETLIFY records are automatically created. If these do not exist then you can do one of two things:

  1. Wait for a member of Netlify’s support team to assist in recreating these records (no guarantee how long this could take);
  2. Remove the custom domain from the site, ensure the extra records are no longer active in Netlify DNS then reassign the domain to the site.