HTTPS Cert Creation

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    I have a squarespace domain that I am trying to redirect to my netlify site. I have added the A name and CNAME records per the docs but the A name still state “Awaiting DNS verification” in my domain management dashboard. I also see this error in the SSL cert section:
    DNS verification failed

  • doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify
    I am not sure how to get the cert to rebuild. can someone please offer some assistance?

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Hi @michael2,

Thanks for reaching out!

You’ll want to ensure that the A Record for is pointing to Currently the A Record either needs to be configured or it hasn’t propagated:

I do see that the CNAME Record for has been configured:

You can find information for configuring DNS here:

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Hi Melvin,

I also submitted a help ticket to squarespace. I have made sure the add the A record to the DNS. Here is a snapshot:

Is there anything else that I can do at this time?

@Melvin I now have the DNS pointing to netlify; however, I still cannot get HTTPS to provision. Is there a way to retry the cert creation process?

hi there! It looks like an SSL was automatically provisioned once your records propagated. For future reference, you can retry the certificate in the UI by navigating to Domain Management > HTTPS > SSL Certificate > Renew Certificate.