How to verify that Git Repo is using Netlify Large Media Storage?

Hi Team,
For Our Website -, we wanted to keep some files in the Git Large File Storage system. Since website is already running on Netlify, I found that Netlify has Large Media storage feature created on top of Git LFS.

  1. Website is built using Gatsby Framework and Repo is on Github.
  2. So, I followed all the steps as provided in the below link - Large Media overview | Netlify Docs
  3. Files in static folder are converted into text file instead of zip or pdf. they have valid configuration as your team mentioned in docs.
  4. I am able to view the files from the main website after all these changes.
    Repo has the .lsconfig file with below details

url =


However, site settings of Netlify under Large Media does not show any resource.
Files are in .pdf and .zip version, here is snapshot from Netlify Large Media:

My Question is how should i make sure that files are indeed getting downloaded from Netlify System and not from Github Directly?

I can see the files on the Netlify large media section today.
Netlify takes longer than expected time to upload them to Large Media Servers.

Hi @navindhirwani sorry for the delay. Depending on the size it may not always been instantaneous. I hope this helps. Please reach out if you have further questions.