Unable to Pull/Push to github repo after Large Media Setup

I recently set up Netlify Large Media up for my image heavy SPA: ecstatic-lalande-c82103

after setting it to track all my .jpg and .png files I attemted to push up the changes but it tells me everything is up to date. I am no longer able to push or pull to my repo after setting up git-lfs.

running git lfs push --all origin master seems to work as it shows the correct number of files being processed and seems to complete the process without error, however none of my files are showing up on the Large Media page for my app .

I was previously able to handle all my git actions through vs code but now none of the changes I make to any of my project files are being tracked. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @jwillems. The site’s Large Media page will only show files which have been successfully deployed.

All deployed files must be placed in the publish directory (which I believe is the subdirectory dist) before they will be part of the deployed site. This is also true for files tracked using Large Media. The Large Media setting page for the site will not list files which have been pushed but not deployed.

Have you deployed the files with the site? By this I mean, have the files themselves be copied or moved to the publish directory as part of the site deploy?

It is also possible that the site build is processing and embedding images at build time (embedding binary data as base64 encoded text in the HTML). If so, Large Media will be incompatible with this build. This is because of the following limitation as quoted from the Large Media requirements and limitations page:

  • Files tracked with Large Media are uploaded directly to the Netlify Large Media storage service on push, completely bypassing the site build. This saves build time, but also means that the files are not available to tools that process asset files during the build, such as Hugo’s image processing or the gatsby-image plugin. Depending on your needs, you may be able to replace this functionality with Netlify’s image transformation service.

Would you please answer the following questions?

  • What is a URL for a file tracked using Git LFS which is deployed but not working?
  • Does this site build process the image in some way during the build? (“Process” meaning to transform the image in some way besides a file copy or move.)

It would also help to get more information about this:

I was previously able to handle all my git actions through vs code but now none of the changes I make to any of my project files are being tracked.

I see commits successfully pushed upstream today and triggering a deploy here:


If this is the case, it is unclear what is meant by the git actions no longer working. I see successful commits after Large Media was enabled.

This is the commit SHA reference for the deploy above:

  • Was that commit made with VSCode or in some other way?
  • If the commit was made with VSCode, what changes are missing?
  • If you cannot commit using VSCode, what sort of error occurs? What is the error message?

Answers to the questions above will help us to better understand the issue and provide more targeted troubleshooting and assistance. If there are other questions for us, please let us know.