Disabling Large Media for my site


I need to disable Netlify Large Media for my site. It looks like it’s incompatible with Gatsby Image during build and seems to be more hassle than it’s worth.

The site is www.sunderlandcardiac.org.uk (Netlify subdomain is cardiacgroup.netlify.app)

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @MichaelDono, we can disable the Large Media add-on for this site. This will remove our copies of the files tracked with Git LFS. Before we disable Large Media, would you please confirm you have local copies of all files?

If so, we’ll remove the add-on. The next step is to delete the .lfsconfig file from the repo and commit that change. Then see if the site is still building successfully or not.

Would you please let us know if you have the local files and if it is okay for us to proceed with removing the Large Media add-on?


I can confirm everything is backed up locally and happy to proceed. Can I also request this for another site of mine or do I have to open a new thread for that? (it’s michaeldono)


Hi, @MichaelDono. The Large Media add-on has been removed on both sites now.

Would you please test deploying these sites and let us know if any files are deploying incorrectly (meaning the files which were in Large Media)?

Thanks for that. I had to play about with git lfs uninstall and git rm --cached static\img\** to commit the raw images instead of the checksums but it’s all working lovely now.

Thanks :slight_smile: