Disable Large Media

Netlify Sitename: phenomenal-cajeta-65e6ab

Can I get some help to disable large media? In the documentation it says to post here to the forum for assistance. I tested it out but I am not liking it, so I want to try going down the other routes.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @vdecree :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out. We are happy to do this but can you please confirm you have backed up the necessary files before we disable ?

Hey @SamO

Thank you. Yes i’ve backed up my repo locally so should be all good. Apologies for multiple posts, I thought I’d posted in the wrong category.

Hi @vdecree

Large Media has been disabled on that site as requested.

Thanks @elden, is there anything else I need to do now other than push a commit upstream? I’ve removed my lfsconfig file, but noticing I still don’t see my images, but I have the images files locally.

Am I best just deleteing the repo, creating a new one and then linking that back up to the netlify site?

The following steps would be needed:

Please push the commit removing .lfsconfig to the upstream repository. This will trigger a new build.

Please keep in mind that you might want to run the command below after deleting the .lfsconfig file:

git lfs push --all origin

This will sync the local repo’s LFS objects with the Git LFS service at the original Git host. It pushes any new binary blobs to their LFS service which may have been added after you moved the LFS service to Large Media.

Please let us know if there are any issues with the new build or deployed site.