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Git LFS - correct way to push new files?

My netlify site is https://awesome-keller-a3b498.netlify.app and has a couple thousand large media files. Love the feature :slight_smile:

Today I added about a hundred more, totaling maybe 100MB. Before I pushed, I ran a git lfs status and saw the correct set of files reported as “Git LFS objects to be pushed to origin/main”. And after a git push, git lfs status returned a clean result. But the push took mere moments and reported less than two MB transferred, so I knew the images didn’t really go up.

The only way I’ve found to actually get new files served by my site is with a time-consuming git lfs push --all origin main that reuploads every single file.

Hi, @kbro. I’ve not heard of this behavior before. Would you please send us the output of the following commands?

netlify lm:info
git config --list
GIT_TRACE=true GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=true git push

Note, if you are on a Windows system, adding the environment variables in the last example will be done differently.

Also, that last command would be most helpful if you are pushing a commit with new Git LFS files included (new meaning files not in the repo at all before this commit).