How to register an emoji URL? 😎

Hello everyone.

Does Netlify supports non-ASCII characters as DNS records?
maybe using another DNS and just pointing to the website on Netlify.


Hi, @tgroch. Welcome to the Netlify community forum!

If you register a domain name which uses punycode, it will work with Netlify.

Domains registered via Netlify are actually registered with (we are a reseller that utilize an API they provide). They do support punycode:

You don’t have to register through Netlify to do this though.

Domains registered with Netlify will use our Managed DNS service. You can also use Managed DNS with domains registered with another domain registrar. Managed DNS is not limited to domains registered with Netlify.

There is a second option if the domain is registered with a third-party registrar - manual configuration. This keeps the DNS service with the current provider and still points the domain name (and/or one or more its subdomains) to a site (or sites) at Netlify.

With all of these options (Managed DNS with/without a Netlify domain registration, manual configuration, etc), the punycode domain names will work identically. We support them and we support integrating with any third-party domain registrar that supports them as well.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.