Custom domain registration in a different language

Hello, I have a domain written in the Hebrew language.
I am unable to register it as a Custom Domain because it is written in a different language than English. Can something be done about it?

Hi, @Survey. When ARPA designed the internet they didn’t plan this far ahead. Luckily, they designed a workaround for this later.

The DNS system only supports ASCII characters. Later, an extension to DNS known as Punycode was created to workaround this limitation.

To summarize, punycode domains begin with xn-- and then continue with an encoded string (in ASCII). Web browsers recognize this format and convert the ASCII domain name into a Unicode domain name.

In other words, if you register this:

It will appear in the browser’s address bar as this:


There are numerous free tools to convert to and from punycode. For example, the site below:

So, if you want to register a Unicode (Hebrew alphabet) domain name, that is done by registering the punycode equivalent.

I’m happy to answer if there are other questions about this.

Wow @luke , thank you so much! This is definitely a great solution!
The only problem is that it tells me that the address is incorrect.
I write: קובי.ישראל or


And I think he expects to receive a com suffix, but the suffix is also in the Hebrew language…

Anyone have a solution to this problem? Please

Yeah, I don’t think you can have a suffix in a different language. It needs to be one of: