How to re-connect to GitHub to give Netlify access to auto-deploy after GitHub repo commit


I gave Netlify access to GitHub trough the GitHub Netlify app. As I had some issues in my deployment pipeline I revoked the access.
Now I want to reinitiate the Auth process for the GitHub Netlify app. When on GitHub / Settings / Applications / Installed GitHub Apps, I’m trying to configure + save the access rights to all repos for Netlify. GitHub sends me to Netlify for authorizing said access. But on Netlify I do not get any kind of auth process screen instead they forward me to my (logged in) start page.
Any chance that Netlify did some sort of caching and did not clear the cached settings and thus I’m not getting the auth screen? Or do you have any other idea how to revoke / re-initiate the auth process?


In case someone has the same issue in the future: Just try to create a new website manually and choose the option to use one of your GitHub repos. Netlify will then ask you to authorize the relevant GitHub App and so you are reconnected again.

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Thanks for coming back and sharing your solution! Happy building!

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