How to provide Netlify team member access to my Netlify site / github repo

Hello, I have been unable to find documentation on how to walk a new Netlify Pro team member through getting set up to deploy to an existing site linked to a private Github repo. I have had my Netlify site successfully linked to my corresponding private Github repo for a few years. I recently hired a dev to do more work and added them as a team member on Netlify as well as added them as member on my Github repo. My repo shows up in their Github account. However, in Netlify, only the team member’s personal repos and not my shared private repo are available to link too in their Netlify account. 1) Are we missing a shared site section in the team member’s Netlify account? If not, please share documentation that might help. I have combed through this page already: Repository permissions and linking | Netlify Docs Thanks!!

Did your team member switch to the “shared” team from here: