How to get a refund

Recenty (yesterday), i got a charge for the pro plan, which i did not except as i thought it was cancelled, and i did not use this email (nor account) much. I wanted to ask whether it was possible to get a refund, i quickly downgraded to free plan, removed all sites that could be running, and everything in between. I did not want this to happen, as i already had a problem to happen again, since a while ago i had a problem where i randomly got charged 50 euros in another service and had to talk a lot to get a refund. And i do not, in any way need this plan. So i am questioning, can i get a refund, it would be very thankful.

The Self-Serve Subscription Agreement states

5.2 Fees and Payment. All fees are non-cancellable and non-refundable, including in case of
Customer’s termination of the subscription term.

That said, I have seen Netlify’s team initiate refunds (depending on specific circumstances).

I’m sure they’ll assess your usage and be in touch, you may be asked to provide further details.

Well, i contacted support. I am just very scared, since this account is for a minor (me) and the guardians werent aware of this charge, they did create this for me, yes, but i did not except a sudden charge. I immediately removed everything there could be using anything, downgraded to free tier, removed sites that could run, and so on. I also do not see any usage on any stat, at all.

Hi, @someonerandom. Thank you for letting us know about this and I do see the Pro team was used for only one day after the Pro trial ended. A full refund has been proceed and you will see the funds returned to the card in 1-3 business days.

If you do not see the refund soon or if there are any other questions, please reply here anytime and we’ll be here to assist.