How to ensure that my site updates automatically when my production main updates and deploys on chrome

Good day,

The above matter refers.

I have published my site on Netlify and I have pushed all my changes. However, my changes do not reflect when I go on my site url:

They are however reflecting when I go on productions :

Kindly assist in this regard. How do I make sure that changes are reflected on my site overview, as they are reflecting on the production url.

Further, I have noticed that the url: works on explorer and on my mobile, however its not working in chrome.

I wait your urgent response.

Your site looks up-to-date to me. What’s not reflecting?

It appears to work on Chrome as well.

Thank you for getting back to me.

Its not reflecting the amendment I have made and pushed from github desktop.

When I open my site from Lenovo 14 ideapad, only the permalink has updated properly, but the main and subdomain haven’t. When I open my site on other devices it works properly.

Could the issue be on my laptop settings, if so, how can I fix it?

If I check your latest commit: insert temperature units · DelilahMureriwa/project-weather-app@85ec67d (, all the changes according to that are reflected on your website. If it’s not updating only on your device, sounds like a local cache issue.

Thank you so much Hrishikesh. I cleared my cache and it worked😊