Production branch not updating

My netlify site name is nervous-fermi-a3c398

Currently my production deploy is not reflecting the latest commit on GitHub , but my dev branch deploy is. When I preview the deploy, the site uses the latest GitHub commit but when I visit the site through the URL it is using an old version of the site code.

My builds are set to auto-publish and here are my build settings:

Hi, would someone be able to look into the issue I’m having please? Thanks

Hey @Sean,

I’ve checked and I can see that all CDN nodes have cached the deploy with ID 5f23d9d97848500008918cbf – your latest one.

Have you cleared your local cache, you haven’t got any overrides set up in Dev Tools, have you?

Thanks so much for checking for me - I’ve cleared the browser cache and it looks to be working now.

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