How to default the popup to the 'Sign Up' tab instead of 'Log In' tab?

Title says it all. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

hi there! I am actually a little confused and I work here, haha :smiley:

Would you mind explaining a bit more? Or a screenshot would be even better.

…when the Netlify Identiy widget pops up, I’d like it to default to the SignUp tab, as seen in the attached screenshot. But by default, it opens on the Log In tab, and the user has to click over to the SIgn Up tab to register. How can I have the widget open on the SignUp tab by default?

Hi, per the here:, you’ll want to open the modal using the following:'signup');

@Dennis Ach, don’t know why I didn’t notice this! Thanks once again for your help Dennis! :slight_smile:

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