How to configure MX records coming from namesilo

custom domain:

I bought the domain through namesilo and they told me that I have to "configure the proper MX records with your name servers:


" forwarded to gmail is the goal. Please hold my hand like a small child on how to add the MX record because intuitively I cannot figure out what to type into each field. Thank you so much for any help!

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When you’re in the Netlify Dashboard and you click “Domains” at the top, is listed in there?


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it is indeed

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Go ahead and click on your domain. Under the heading “DNS Records” there’s a button for Add new record. Click that and you’ll see a pop up with a few fields. In your case, change the Record type from A to MX, leave the Name as @, put 10 in as the Priority, then put MX1.EMAILOWL.COM in for the Value field. Leave the TTL empty.

Hit save, then repeat two more times with the MX2 address and the MX3 address for the Value fields. Use the same values for the other stuff (MX, @, 10)

Once all three are saved, give it a few hours and you should be well off :+1:t2:


Yeah wow, I kept trying to add something to the name field… :man_facepalming:

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